Hose Reel


The AssemblyReel AR-H is a hose reel developed for pneumatic applications and is available in several versions (see table below).

Apart from ruling out all disadvantages of conventional spring-driven reels, the AssemblyReel AR-H also introduces many new features not found on any hose reel available today.

Probably the most remarkable novelty of the AssemblyReel is the way the retraction signal is generated. Unlike other motor-driven hose reels, with the AssemblyReel the operator does not have to push any button (SmartReel), nor stretch the hose (ErgoReel) in order to start the motorized retraction! Due to its patented detection module all it takes is one short pulse on the trigger of the air tool. The detection module will capture the short flow of air and order the AssemblyReel to retract the hose automatically! Fingertip operation in its most literal sense. Have a quick look at the video below and see how easy it is to work with this new generation of hose reels.

Just one short pulse on the trigger of the air tool. Seriously, how much easier can it get …!?

Other Benefits

The AssemblyReel AR-H comes with an adjustable safety device that interrupts the motorized retraction whenever the reel detects unusual resistance on the hose. A short pulse on the trigger of the tool suffices to resume the motorized retraction.

To avoid tripping accidents it is important that – while walking back to his starting position – the hose is cleared in front of the operator’s feet. Hence, the recoil speed is adjustable between 0.5 and 1.5 m/sec. This way each operator can adjust the retraction to suit his individual’s walking pace.

The AssemblyReel AR-H comes with a flashy RedFlex hose to increase visibility while resting on the production floor. The smooth outer jacket is a PU-PVC compound which makes the RedFlex about 15% lighter than a conventional air hose and suitable for pneumatic application up to 10 bar (140 PSI) working pressure.

Each AssemblyReel is furnished with an electro-magnetic brake holding the air tool in place when not in use. Hence, no more tool supports or tool holders needed! A very low pull on the hose suffices to disengage the brake, allowing the operator to pull out the hose with minimal effort. By moving the adjustable hose bumper the tool can be positioned at the desired grabbing height.

All composing parts are carefully selected and thoroughly tested to withstand the Heavy Duty requirements typical for car assembly plants. Furthermore, the Assembly Reel is 100% maintenance free and contains any traces of silicone.

A M12 micro I/O receptacle at the back of the reel allows combining the AssemblyReel with external tool holders (see ACCESSORIES). This can be useful in applications with short hose lengths. The same receptacle can also be used to send out a JOB OK signal to control room.

And finally, faithful to our no-nonsense philosophy, the design of the AssemblyReel is as simple and straightforward as it can be. No unnecessary frills! The reel can be mounted on a wall, under a work bench, against the ceiling or even at a 45° angle. All metal parts are finished in high gloss powder coated paint. All it takes is a soft cloth to make it shining like new again.

General Features

  • Complies with all applicable CE and EMC regulations
  • 100% maintenance free
  • 100% silicone free
  • High quality components only
  • Trouble-free installation (plug-n-play)
  • Fingertip operation
  • Low and constant unwind force
  • Adjustable recoil speed
  • Resistance detection system
  • Ridged and straightforward design
  • Heavy gauge powder coated steel
  • Proven swivel assembly
  • 2 year warranty

Technical Features

  • Power: 115V or 230V
  • Power plug: see table below
  • working pressure: 1 bar (1.5 PSI)
  • working pressure: 10 bar (140 PSI)
  • air flow: see table below
  • air flow: see table below
  • drum capacity: 18 meters of dia. 3/8’’ or 13 meters of dia. 1/2’’
  • temperature: 40°C (100°F)
  • Seal: polyurethane, other seals available on request
  • Unwind force: ± 4Nf
  • Brake capacity: ± 25Nf
  • Retraction speed: adjustable between 0.5-1.5 m/sec
  • Weight: 29 kg
  • Protection: IP34


AR-H Reel Versions

AssemblyReel Power Diameter Length Min. Air Flow Max. Air Flow * Reel Inlet Hose Outlet
91304 ASB 10010 115 V 3/8’’ 33 ft. 1.94 cfm 42.40 cfm 1/2”’ NPT/M 3/8’’ NPT/M
91304 ASB 10015 115 V 3/8’’ 50 ft. 2.12 cfm 38.85 cfm 1/2”’ NPT/M 3/8’’ NPT/M
91304 ASB 13012 115 V 1/2’’ 40 ft. 3.53 cfm 81.22 cfm 1/2”’ NPT/M 1/2’’ NPT/M
91404 ASB 10010 230 V 10 mm 10 m 55 l/min 1200 l/min 1/2”’ BSPP/M 3/8’’ BSPT/M
91404 ASB 10015 230 V 10 mm 15 m 60 l/min 1100 l/min 1/2”’ BSPP/M 3/8’’ BSPT/M
91404 ASB 13012 230 V 12.5 mm 12 m 100 l/min 2300 l/min 1/2”’ BSPP/M 1/2’’ BSPT/M

* max air flow measured at 6.2 bar (90 PSI), pressure loss ca. 0.8 bar (12 PSI)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Absolutely. The AssemblyReel comes with a lightweight, reinforced hose called “RedFlex” especially developed for this application, but it will run with any hose that is suitable to be used on reels.

No problem. If you provide the name of your supplier we will contact him and make sure you can purchase AssemblyReels through your preferred channel.

Sorry. The AssemblyReel has been developed for indoor applications only, hence the IP34 protection degree. However, we do not exclude the possibility that one day the AssemblyReel will become available in stainless steel …

For logistic reasons all AssemblyReels are furnished with an electro-magnetic brake. In some applications – e.g. an AssemblyReel mounted under a workbench – this brake is of little use. In such case we advise to remove the bake yourself. A clear step by step procedure is available in the instruction manual.

At this moment we are working on a version that can be used in combination with water. Please contact info@alphareel.be to find out more about the current status.

You can find a EUR price list in the DOWNLOAD area, including general sales conditions.

Absolutely. In order to guaranty the continuation of production is case of failure, the air supply inside the reel is totally independent from the motorization.

Recently we have started to develop a AssemblyReel for stand-alone application which need no electricity. The motorisation is purely pneumatic. Obviously we still need to perform a lot of testing. Please contact info@alphareel.be and we will keep you posted about this particular development.

The AssemblyReel will work with any pneumatic tool except for tools using very sort pulses, for instance, nail guns or rivet guns. In addition, please check if the air consumption of your tool corresponds with the flow range mentioned in the table above.

Very good question! The standard retraction setting of each AssemblyReel is one pulse of air flow, which works fine in 90% of applications. However, to answer the remaining 10% of applications – e.g. very short screws – it is possible to change the number of pulses. So it this case we would recommend to use two short pulses. In fact, the customer can change the number of pulses, the length of pulses and the time between pulses as he wishes. Moreover, these pulses, combined with the M12 micro receptacle, can be used for many other things than just starting the motorized retraction of the hose: opening or closing electromagnetic valve, sending out a JOB OK signal to control room, generate a sound signal, changing a counter, etc.

So far the AssemblyReel is only available in a low pressure version up to 10 bar (140 PSI) working pressure and 40 bar (560 PSI) burst pressure, but depending on the market situation we do not exclude the possibility of developing a high pressure version at a later stage. 

Yes. It is always our aim to deliver a Plug-n-Play solution. The reel’s inlet connection is universal and can be used with BSP and NPT fittings. As for the hose ending, all EUR models come with BSP/Male fittings whereas the USA models come with NPT/Male fittings. If you let us know which type of fittings you prefer we will make sure to supply AssemblyReels with the right connections.

No. The electro-magnetic brake used on AssemblyReel is a Fail Safe type of brake. This means the brake needs current in order to unlock the drum. Hence the tool will not drop if power is shut down.

If a pulse, generated unwillingly, is recognised by the AssemblyReel as a pulse to start the motor, obviously the retraction of the hose will commence. In such case the operator has two options: he can hold the tool and wait until the safety device detects abnormal resistance, or he can give another pulse on the trigger.

This safety device detects the mechanical resistance upon the hose. Its setting depends on several aspects such as the weight of the hose, the friction between the hose and the factory floor and the height on which the reel has been mounted. Experience learns that the factory setting of this safety device is fine in most cases. Nevertheless, the customer can adjust if necessary.

Yes! Urged by several automotive companies we have indeed developed the AssemblyReel AR-C to be used with electrical tools. You will find more detailed information about AR-C in the PRODUCT tab.

If your question is not addressed in this list of FAQs, or if you are looking for more detailed information about this or other ALPHA REEL developments, do not hesitate to use the form in CONTACT area. Let us know what information exactly you are looking for. We will do our best to help you wherever we can.